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Brand Highlight: Safe n Simple

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Living with ostomy or wound care needs can present challenges, but Safe n Simple is here to revolutionize the experience. Dedicated to promoting healthy skin and bolstering confidence, Safe n Simple offers innovative products at a fraction of the cost. MyOstomy carries a wide range of products by Safe n Simple, see some of our favourites below.

1. DermaPro Waterproof Silicone Scar Tape:

Scars are not just physical reminders; they can impact self-esteem and confidence. Safe n Simple’s Waterproof Silicone Scar Tape is a game-changer in scar management. Its advanced silicone technology helps in flattening, softening, and fading scars while maintaining a waterproof barrier, ensuring optimal healing even in challenging conditions.

What sets this product apart is its durability and flexibility. Whether you’re going about your daily activities or engaging in water-related activities, this scar tape stays intact, providing continuous care and protection. Plus, its transparent design makes it discreet, allowing you to wear it confidently without drawing unnecessary attention.

2. Ostomy Pouch Deodorant:

One of the most common concerns among individuals with ostomies is odour control. Safe n Simple understands the importance of feeling fresh and comfortable, which is why they’ve developed their Ostomy Pouch Deodorant.

This innovative deodorant effectively neutralizes odours, ensuring discretion and peace of mind throughout the day. Its gentle formula is skin-friendly, avoiding irritation or discomfort. Simply add a few drops into your ostomy pouch, and experience long-lasting odour protection.

3. Peri-Stoma Cleanser and Adhesive Remover:

Maintaining skin health around the stoma is crucial for preventing complications and ensuring a secure seal. Safe n Simple Peri-Stoma Cleanser and Adhesive Remover simplify this process with their dual-action formula.

This cleanser effectively removes adhesive residues while gently cleansing the skin, leaving it feeling fresh and rejuvenated. Its non-irritating formula is suitable for daily use, promoting healthy skin around the stoma area. Say goodbye to stubborn adhesives and hello to effortless adhesive removal with this indispensable product.

Please remember to seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider if you have any questions or concerns about your ostomy.

MyOstomy is proud to carry a wide range of Safe n Simple products. See the collection.