Patient from Ontario: Loving the aloe on my skin...after years of irritations, itching and overall discomfort, the confidence natural product is the best thing that has happened to me since my ostomy surgery. i can honestly say that i don't feel like i'm wearing a pouch anymore!

Patient from Quebec: Thank you for the secuplast seals samples you sent me. these are amazing. they stay on longer and come off quite easily. with my limited budget i have been able to wear my appliance longer which has saved me money. thanks again Salts.

Patient from Ontario: Just got back from Europe and I wanted to let you know that the secuplast moldable rings were a life-saver for me! What an incredible product - I am thoroughly impressed!!

Nurse from Alberta: Hello, products are fantastic. My patients are absolutely loving them!! All but one person who tried the product is now using it.

Patient from New Brunswick: I believe that the Dermocol helped to reduce the incidence of leaks when I was standing up and lying on my side. This helped reduce the need for ostomy bag changes, ultimately saving my money on supplies. Thank you very much for making this product available to me.

Nurse from Saskatchewan: I just wanted you to know that last week I put a patient in a Salts pouch! My client went from 5 hours wear-time to 3 days - yeah for them!

Patient from British Columbia: Thank god for secuplast strips!! i can now swim with confidence after years of not being able to. Thank you for making Salts products available in Canada!

Patient from Ontario: I placed an order for pouches and the prices are about 20 dollars cheaper than the other places I have tried. Their customer service department is also great. I wasn't sure how long shipping would be so I sent a general email asking about how long shipping typically is and I was very happy when I received a response right away explaining that my order had already been shipped.