Convatec Little Ones Adhesive Coupling Drainable Pouch with Invisiclose and Filter - 10 per box, PINK, TRANSPARENT - 20.3CM (8")

Convatec SKU: 411637

$70.51 CAD

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With ConvaTec's Little Ones Ostomy System, finding the right ostomy system is elementary. Each product has been specially designed to comfortably fit a child's unique body contours. All Little Ones products are flexible, durable and easy to remove so there's little discomfort. Parents love them because they let kids get on with the business of just being kids!
- Attaches the pouch and skin barrier using a foam collar adhesive, eliminating the need for a plastic coupling ring - Soft koala comfort panels are gentle on skin - InvisiClose clipless tail closure can be rolled up to securely close drainable pouch - Opening at bottom of the pouch allows stool to be drained