Convatec Esteem Plus 1-Piece Drainable Pouch with Invisiclose and Filter Stomahesive Moldable Barrier 10 per box, 40 - 50MM (1 9⁄16" - 1 15⁄16"), OPAQUE (2 SIDED COMFORT PANEL) - 30.5CM (12")

Convatec SKU: 413523

$85.33 CAD

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Esteem+ One-Piece Pouch: The first-ever one-piece pouch with Moldable Technology combines the convenience of a one-piece with clinically-proven skin and leak protection. The thin, flexible design is made to move with the body. Easy to apply and remove, this unique pouch offers a soft comfort panel, advanced filter and an easy-view window on the front of the pouch.
- Filter with an anti-clogging film layer - InvisiClose clipless tail closure with a strong hook-on hook fastener - The Lock-It Pocker which securely hides away the tail of the drainable pouch to provide the comfort of a closed end pouch - Comfort panel pouch material that is soft and smooth against the skin