Convatec Esteem Plus 1-Piece Drainable Pouch Flex Convex Hydrocolloid Skin Barrier - 10 per box, 20 - 43MM (13⁄16" - 1 11/16"), OPAQUE - 5.91" X 8.66" (15CM X 22CM)

Convatec SKU: 421615

$154.95 CAD

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All bodies are different. Convex wafers are designed to help manage irregular stomas and abdomens to help to reduce leakage and simplify stoma management
- Moves with you - flexible convexity fits to body contours for comfort and easy positioning - Designed for skin health and security - hydrocolloid skin barrier is made to stay firmly in place, helping to minimise leakage. Soft tapered edges also help resist snagging on clothing - Comfort and discretion - soft quiet fabric - Trust and reassurance - filter on closed and drainable options helps minimise odours and ballooning, while the anti-reflux valve on our urostomy pouches helps prevent back flow - Peace of mind - split-fabric, easy-view window for accurate positioning and observation - Simple secure fastening - the Safe Seal clipless closure on drainable options helps make cleaning and emptying easy - Support and security - soft flexible belt loops available for added security