Hollister Pouchkins SoftFlex Flat Skin Barrier - 5 per Box, 0-32MM (1 1/4"), GREEN - 44MM - NO TAPE

Hollister SKU: 3761

$38.91 CAD

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This skin barrier is part of a two-piece pouching system. The SoftFlex barrier is a standard wear skin barrier which has a gentle adhesive and allows for frequent pouch changes. The skin barrier has an integrated floating flange, which allows fingers to be placed under the flange, to help minimize pressure on the abdomen when attaching a pouch.
-SoftFlex skin barrier, flat -Skin barrier with integrated beige floating flange -Cut-to-fit skin barrier with no starter hole -No tape border -Can be used with any New Image pouch with a 1 ¾” flange -Not made with natural rubber latex