Hollister Pouchkins 1-Piece Pediatric Drainable Pouch Flat Softflex Barrier - 10 per box, CUT TO FIT - UP TO 51MM (2"), 7" (18 CM) - TRANSPARENT

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SKU: 3795 Hollister

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A one-piece, drainable pouching system is designed to be opened at the bottom when emptying. These pouches are most suitable for colostomies or ileostomies. The SoftFlex barrier is a standard wear skin barrier that is gentle to the skin. The Lock ‘n Roll closure uses plastic interlocking fasteners to create a secure closure at the bottom of the pouch. The AF300 Filter allows for a slow release and deodorization of gas from the pouch (item 3795 only). Soft, beige ComfortWear pouch panels on body side.