Rusch Urine Collection Belly Bag 1000ml - 1 each

Rusch SKU: B1000

$23.94 CAD

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The unisex Belly Bag® Collection Device is designed to be worn 24 hours a day for those with an indwelling catheter. The bag fastens around the waist with a soft fabric belt. It has a 1000 mL (cc) capacity and is not made with natural rubber latex. An anti-reflux valve behind the catheter port prevents reflux urine flow. The Belly Bag® Collection Device is emptied by means of a drain tube with a twist valve that is in the approximate position of the urethra. Users can easily sleep with the bag in place.
Benefits -Conceals more effectively than a traditional leg bag -Helps reduce risk of nosocomial infections1 -Designed for comfort and mobility -Helps to eliminate changing between bed and leg bag -Helps prevent inadvertent catheter extraction1 Specifications -1000 mL capacity -Not made with natural rubber latex -Quick release buckle -Sterile -Anti-reflux valve