Salts Confidence Convex Supersoft 1-piece closed pouch - 10 units per box, 21MM (13/16"), STANDARD

Salts Healthcare Ltd. SKU: CCSS21

$82.22 CAD

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Confidence® Convex Supersoft provides a more firm convexity than Confidence® Natural Soft Convex, yet it is still extremely comfortable and flexible against the body. For those who require it, Confidence® Convex Supersoft offers a slightly firmer level of convexity than our popular Confidence® Natural Soft Convex stoma bag. The wafer is designed to be flexible and comfortable.
-Comfortable and flexible wafer with gentle convex insert. -The skin-friendly formulation is dermatologically accredited by the Skin Health Alliance and our research into hydrocolloids is recognised by the British Skin Foundation - sharing skin care credentials with Britain’s leading brands. -Belt loops for extra security. -Beige cover with transparent overlap for easy viewing and positioning.