Salts Confidence Comfort Neonatal with Flexifit 1-piece Pediatric 1-piece drainable pouch - 30 units per box, NO HOLE, PAEDIATRIC, BEIGE WITH TRANSPARENT OVERLAP

Salts Healthcare Ltd. SKU: CFPNH

$337.04 CAD

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Confidence® Comfort Neonatal/Paediatricwith Flexifit® is the perfect choice for tinybabies, toddlers or older children. Availablein Neonatal or Paediatric sizes, it featuresa unique 6-sided Flexifit® wafer designedto fit snugly to a child’s natural contours.It stays in place, helping to reduce leaksand irritation, even as they wriggle andmove around. To help protect baby’sdelicate young skin, there’s a skin-friendlyhydrocolloid that is gentle on little bodies.
-Available in Neonatal or Paediatric sizes. -The unique six-sided Flexifit® waferbends and flexes with the child or baby’smovements, and the oval shape allowsdrainage to the side if the child is lying down. -‘No hole’ options available to cut yourown shaped hole into the wafer forflexible positioning. -Soft and easy-to-clean outlet rolls up tosecure closure with hook-and-loop wings. -Soft beige transparent overlap for easyviewing and positioning or transparentoptions available.