Salts Fistula Manager - 10 units per box, SMALL – VERTICAL WOUNDS UP TO 40MM WIDE AND 60MM HIGH

Salts Healthcare Ltd. SKU: CWM02

$234.67 CAD

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A unique wound management product with many innovative features. Our small bag is available with horizontal or vertical wafers, depending on the wound or fistula position. Our medium bag has a long, narrow-shaped wafer to fit perfectly between other pouches or dressings – ideal for open (non-sterile) mid-line incisional wounds. All products benefit from our unique Flexifit® wafer, which helps to achieve the perfect fit.
-This 1-piece drainable product, available in three different sizes, is suitable for a variety of fistulas and wounds. - The unique Flexifit® wafer is only 1mm thick.Its six slits create flexible compression zones for a closer fit, which is ideal for challenging, uneven surfaces. - The woundcare adhesive has been specifically formulated to resist breakdown. - Our bags can cater for low to medium exudate and come with odour-resistant films. - We only use skin-friendly hydrocolloids, research into which is recognised by the British Skin Foundation, and dermatologically accredited by the Skin Health Alliance. -The non-return valve and wide-bore spout outlet allows even thick exudate to drain. - Continuous drainage can be attached internally or externally to the outlet spout.