Salts Harmony Duo 2-piece drainable pouch - 30 units per box, STANDARD, BEIGE WITH TRANSPARENT OVERLAP, 13-50 FLANGES

Salts Healthcare Ltd. SKU: HDD1350

$190.97 CAD

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Harmony® Duo with Flexifit® and Aloe isa popular choice for those who enjoythe convenience of a two-piece systemwith the discretion of a one-piece.The stick-together range includes ourunique Flexifit® wafer which is infusedwith extracts of Aloe Vera. Flexible Wafer with hydrocolloid surround, Flexifit®and Aloe extracts.
-Notch on the bag matches up with thelocator on the wafer, for an easy-to-apply,stick-together system. -The outlet rolls up to secure closure withhook-and loop wings. -Discreet closure tucks up under the softcover and is securely held in place by hiddenhook material, for extra comfort and security. -Soft beige opaque cover with transparentoverlap for easy viewing and positioning.