Salts CONFIDENCE NATURAL SOFT CONVEXITY 1-piece drainable pouch - 10 units per box, 13-25MM (1/2"-1"), LARGE, BEIGE WITH TRANSPARENT OVERLAP

Salts Healthcare Ltd. SKU: XNDL1325

$131.04 CAD

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Ground-breaking developments havehelped us to make our softest, stickiestand most flexible soft convex wafer yet. Confidence® Natural Soft Convex has arange of special features designed to helpsoft convex wearers enjoy a better fit, a better feel and better quality of life, including a unique five-sided Flexifit® waferto give the perfect fit. Plus, the wafer isinfused with extracts of Aloe Vera, whichmay help to soothe and protect your skin.
'The wafer’s strong adhesive has beendeveloped to stick fast and stay put forlonger, improving security and helpingreduce leaks. It features an incredibly softconvex insert, making Confidence® NaturalSoft Convex our most flexible andcomfortable convex bag yet. -The unique five-sided Flexifit® waferwas developed to create the perfect fit,by bending and flexing with your body’snatural contours to help reduce leaksand improve comfort. -Every Confidence® Natural wafer is infusedwith extracts of Aloe Vera, providing anatural way that may help to soothe andprotect the skin around your stoma. -Soft belt loops, for extra security andcomfort. -The easy-to-use outlet features a discreetopaque film and drainage tab that helps youto open and empty the bag - Discreet closure tucks up under thesoft cover. -Charcoal filter and internal film layer designhelp to minimise odour and ballooning byimproving airflow. -Soft beige cover with transparent overlap,for easy viewing and positioning.