Safe n Simple Skin Barrier Arc - 30 per package, 1" WIDE (STANDARD)

Safe n Simple SKU: SNS20630

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Our Skin Barrier Arcs can be used on top or under a pouching wafer:Under the pouching system: The skin barrier arcs can be placed directly on the irritated skin around the stoma to create a smooth platform to adhere the pouch or wafer. The arcs protect the skin from trauma caused by repetitive removal of tapes and adhesives.Over the pouching system: The skin barrier arcs can be placed around the wafer to secure the edges from lifting up, creasing or loosening. Use 1-3 arcs around the edges. Skin barrier arcs provide an excellent alternative to waterproof tapes and give you a waterproof seal around the wafer when bathing, showering or swimming.These arcs are a great tape alternative and come in small and large sizes. They are water resistant with high tact, but are skin friendly.We also have Skin Barrier Sheets in the same formulation:A thin hydrocolloid sheet that protects the skin from stoma output. Highly absorbent. Cut to fit - no starter hole, non-sterile.
-Tape Alternative -X-Tra Wide and Standard Sizes -Water Resistant - Picture Frames Wafer to Seal -High Tact -Skin Friendly -Protects the Skin