Introducing Nutrition and Supplements featuring Global Health Products!

Introducing Nutrition and Supplements featuring Global Health Products!


After having ostomy surgery, life is different and changes in many ways. Dietary requirements and needs also change as your body now has different nutritional needs to keep it up and running. With this in mind, MyOstomy is pleased to introduce our new Nutrition and Supplements line featuring Global Health Products and its products specially selected to aid those living with an ostomy.

Want to help surgical incisions and scars heal faster? PUSH Collagen Dipeptide is beneficial in helping wounds heal faster from the inside out.  Its patented blend of concentrated dipeptides stimulate the development of hyaluronic acid, which in turn creates resilient tissue, stimulates cell division and aids in wound healing.  PUSH also revitalizes your skin to keep it glowing and strong. Available in berry and pineapple flavors, PUSH is easy to use and mixes easily in as little as 2oz of water making it easy to consume! One serving of PUSH contains the same healing amino acids of 20 servings of standard liquid collagen! 

 Fiber is an extremely important part of an ostomate’s diet.  Fiber helps to prevent acid reflex, constipation and allow stool to pass smoothly. The best sources of fiber include beans, fruits and vegetables.  However, if you are looking for a quick and easy to way to introduce more fiber into your diet, then FiberCel™ Fiber Powder is a superior source of fiber and recommended for those who have an ostomy.  With 5g of soluble fiber per serving that mixes easily in as little as 2oz. of liquid, FiberCel aids digestion without causing bloating or cramping. The best thing about FiberCel? It dissolves instantly and does not alter taste so you can add it to just about any drink you like!

Lastly, an ostomate requires daily protein to build, repair and maintain cells, organs and bone structure. Proteins provide essential amino acids that the body cannot make by itself. Some foods that contain protein include meats, fish and eggs. Another excellent source of protein is LiquaCel® Liquid Collagen Protein. LiquaCel contains all the essential and non-essential amino acids the body needs and is easy to consume. Each 1 oz. serving of LiquaCel contains 16g of protein and 2.5g of arginine, which are essential to make up the building blocks of our body. Available in a variety of flavors such as watermelon, lemon and grape, LiquaCel is perfect for your daily protein needs and can be added to any drink of your choice!