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Our Top Four Ostomy Blogs

My Ostomy

Ostomy blogs are an excellent resource for ostomates! It allows us to dive into stories and real-life experiences directly from the source on what it is like to live with an ostomy. Blogs pull down the barriers on important topics and share advice based on experience. This week we wanted to share FIVE of ostomy blogs you should check out.

The United Ostomy Association of America has a great blog where they share various types of posts. They have tips and resources, stories from ostomates in their community, event information and much more! All posts are written by guest contributors including health professionals, ostomy experts, and ostomates.

Read the blog here: https://www.ostomy.org/news/

Work In Progress is a blog by Sahara Fleetwood-Beresford who is an IBD and ostomy advocate. The blog encourages patients to get more involved in their healthcare decisions. The goal of the writer is to provide the assistance new ostomates need after their initial diagnosis.

Read the blog here: https://www.socialmediaibdostomy.com/

Glittery Guts by Alannah-Jayne Simpson shares blog posts with tips/tricks relating to Chronic Illness, Ostomies, Mental health and pregnancy.

Read the blog here: https://alannahjaynesblog.com/welcome/



So Bad Ass is a blog by Sam Cleasby – a blogger, writer, health activist and public speaker passionate about positivity. She is eager to teach people to love themselves and that no matter their size, shape, ability, illness, you are so bad ass.

Read the blog here: http://www.sobadass.me/