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$42.15 CAD

MyOstomy is proud to offer in Canada! StomaGenie® disposable cartridges absorb stoma output during your pouch replacement for a stress-free, hygiene friendly experience. Available in 12 sizes from 1/2” (12mm) to 1-7/8” (46mm).

Use StomaGenie together with SecurPress® for enhanced leak prevention.  SecurPress® improves skin barrier adhesion for one- and two-piece pouching systems, allowing for longer wear times between changes. Available in all 12 StomaGenie sizes. 

For extra assistance with pouch changes, the StomaGenie® Hands-Free Mount easily attaches to your bathroom vanity countertop, conveniently holds the StomaGenie® in place over your stoma, giving you the extra hand to prepare supplies and treat your skin. Available in all 12 StomaGenie® sizes.