Stomagienics SecurPress 18mm (3/4") - 1 each

Stomagienics SKU: 13012

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The SecurPress® improves skin barrier adhesion for one- and two-piece pouching systems, allowing for longer wear times between changes. Available in 12 sizes from 1/2” (12mm) to 1-7/8” (46mm).
  • Hold the SecurPress® firmly on the barrier and press against your skin to experience longer wear times.
  • Use the SecurPress® together with the StomaGenie during each pouch change and anytime between to ensure the seal is tight.
  • Works great with all One-Piece and Two-Piece ostomy pouching systems.
  • Enjoy the feeling of confidence knowing your pouching system is securely fastened.
  • Use the SecurPress® to help prevent leaks and experience healthier peristomal skin.
  • Get back to your actives with confidence.